List of feature requests - Originally Posted on the D5 Render Pro Server

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Oliver’s asked me to post here as they’ll be answered better :slight_smile: :grinning:

The ability to rename categories for “Custom Materials” plus the ability to automatically create the thumbnail

The ability for HDRI’s to look like they should in the real view rather than having them compressed…Blender manages this and Unreal 5 to a certain degree

Custom Pivot/Gizmo…the ability to select an object in the scene and have the ability to use default pivot or centre of mass, point of cursor etc

It would be really nice if the Leave particle system would actually leave the leaf on the ground after it hit it rather than disappearing

It would be cool if you place a tree into the scene then place another of the same variety it not only changes the scale but the actual look. What I’m seeing is I place a tree, then place another the size changes depending on the Random Size but that’s all, it’s still the same tree model

When you come to do a final render any chance you could add a feature where you can make the frame borders darker, CD4 lets you do this and one of my Camera plugins for Blender let’s you put a darker framing around the final shot

When you save a scene, if it has a particle system, it would be so cool if the scene remembered where the particles were at the time of saving

Transitions in the Video section would be nice to have as well. The ability to choose how the transition between one camera and another goes

More Assets: Jewellery, Jewellery Boxes, Hair Brushes, Reading Glasses, Toothpaste tube, Toothbrushes, those are the sort of things that finish a scene off

The ability to save Latitude Longitude or have a drop-down of the world’s major cities with automatic lat long for them

Materials with the ability to round off edges or add dust, grime

What about adding some basic Primitives to the assets, that way if I need to add a quick wall, plane etc it’s there and I don’t have to go and rework an FBX or the original CAD file. Or the same idea as the do with Unreal Engine Archviz components, walls, walls with openings, basic window & frame etc


Nice list! I am sharing some of my personal requests.

I would also add “show material map” in viewport. It would be very useful for example normal individual mapping.

There should be also more customizable shortcuts.

Changing to ortho views should be in wireframe as a default.

More passes/channels. Vignette bulid in effect panel. Ao pass for animation.

It would be great to have some options after using scatter, like ability to select individual objects, change size/scale, move etc.

I also do not get names of categories. Like concrete is in paint or categories floor, wall… You can use tiles on floor and on wall as well :slight_smile:

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Some more that I forgot to add :slight_smile:

The ability to lock a scene/camera view, a couple of times I’ve gone to move to a scene but instead hit the Update Scene by mistake. A simple toggle Locked or Unlocked that way if it’s locked you can’t accidentally update or move the camera etc

More choice/control of Flares, Bokeh, more Bokeh effects etc

Sharpness in the Effects

Lights created within D5 automatically come on and off at dawn/dusk

The ability to use custom HDRI’s, Textures from external SSD’s or network drives and not copy across to project file. Then there is no doubling up of assets/files

Assets: Does no one drink wine? Wine Bottles Full, Half-Full, Red Wine, White Wine, bigger selection of drinking glasses. What about Ice Cubes etc etc

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hi @Chae
Thanks for your feedback

The material categories of the local library can be created by yourself, support the modification of the name, will also be the base color mapping as thumbnails, not sure if it is the function you are talking about

hdri files will be compressed when editing in real time, but the final rendering will not be
We have considered supporting the modification of the object’s Gizmo position, and currently will first do some front optimization, such as object adsorption

The particle system will also be gradually optimized, and will support more adjustable parameters

Does “darker framing” refer to the Vignette effect, that is also in the plan

The problem of latitude and longitude, we also have a plan, can be determined by selecting points on the map, and will be gradually optimized.

Scene/camera optimization is also in development, the idea of locking is a good one and we will consider it

More assets are also in the making and will be online soon

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hi @f-light

Customized shortcuts and channels for videos are already under development

Scattering and selection tools will be optimized and extended, and will become more convenient


Hi Yah, Thanks for the feedback, looking forward to the upcoming changes and mods to a brill rendering program :slight_smile:

Does “darker framing” refer to the Vignette effect, that is also in the plan

Yes, it does, if you look at the D5 Pro forum on Discord you’ll see I posted a screenshot of what I was meaning.

Is it possible to add in a 3:2 aspect ratio for rendering? Same for more widescreen shots 2.35:1 & 2.39:1

I found it but I’m sure it wasn’t possible when I tried earlier last week - haaa haaa

Couple more I forgot about:-

Assets: More variety of grass, short cut, lawn etc
Assets: Weeds, dandelions, daisies, thistles etc

Please make the water material better or make a series of water materials, it’s the only bad thing that I’ve come across so far

DECALS should be in the top list features. Twinmotion and Lumion have done yet and it’s a great feature for improve the quality and renders.

Better Material library used in the scene. We can’t know how many materials have in the scene, name them or list them.

Better pick material. Some library assets, like lamps have an transparent material and above that material the emissive bulb. If I want turn off that lamp y have to navigate carefully inside the transparent object to pick de emissive and turn it down…

Should be better and sort of turn off - turn on light in that objects or something…

Water material need some “presets” like ocean, lake, calm beach, pool, etc and from that start point, start to modify. but that will be great have some starter preset.

Same for the grass material. We need more options, like size, some type of map variation, grass cut, etc.

Assets: More variety in kitchen and bathroom and some TV object.


Thank you for sharing your ideas. Decals are on the roadmap, and those sinple objects like TV will come out soon.

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