Link loss revit 2024

good morning team
I have a very annoying problem with the synchronization with Revit, it’s been a long time (today 2024 but in others I already had the error)
I work at home and in the office. Every time I change versions, I change computers (home/office), I lose the link, I lose everything and sometimes parts. And yet in many cases close to the reference completely, it doesn’t even appear in the object tab. This is very annoying. Could it be that I’m doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance for your attention.

Hi mate, The one is 2024, what’s the other one of the Revit version? Did you try to keep the same output version of Revit and check the result?

Today I only use revit 2024, but the same error occurred in other versions as well. I ended up doing a search in the history of D5 and managed to solve it in one file, but I’m afraid it won’t solve it in others. I’ve seen that others also have this problem of losing the link completely in the file.

Sorry for the inconveniece, to confirm, you converter is the newest one? can you send the revit file to us for troubleshooting? the screenshoot of the problem is also required. it will help us to find the possible problem, we will fix it as soon as possible, sorry again.

Can you try this converter?

vou tentar. te aviso se o problema persistir. obrigado pela atençao