Lightmap baking into textures

Will D5 support baking of lightmaps into textures?
I know such functionality is supported by various plug-ins for 3D modeling tools, and of course by the Unreal engine and Unity. But I’m looking for a stand-alone tool, which lets me import 3D-party content from e.g. Sketchup, add lights to it, then bakes the lighting & shadows into textures, and lets me export the model again for upload to e.g. SketchFab, in FBX, GLTF or Collada file format.

It would be great to have such functionality in D5, e.g. for architects that are interested to create nice-looking VR walkthrough environments for their clients. SketchFab ( and Mozilla Hubs support such VR walkthroughs. The challenge for the architect is to make his design look attractive, with nice shading & shadowing. Most architects don’t want to go through the hassle of learning Unreal or Unity or a complex plug-in. If D5 would support this, I am sure they would be interested.

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Thank you for your suggestion!
We’ll plan in the future.

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