Light from the sky

Theme: Concept Art " Light from the sky"
Artist: Olivier Boscournu aka Riofranco
Graphics Card: RTX 2070 Super
Workflow: Blender 2.92 + D5render 1.91 + Affinity Photo
Brief description of post-processing: Affinity Photo for background and light from the sky FX
Whether the model is original: No
Model source: 3dsky & Quixel

Description of the work:
This is the first time I tried D5render for concept art, something different from archviz. I wanted to get a scandinavian scene with a strange light from the sky, is this the sun trough the clouds or a UFO ? It’s like you want :wink:


quite an impressive ray of light

Hi there !
Here 2 new renderings regarding to the rules, I forgot this and just back from holiday ^^

I hope you’ll like :slight_smile: