Layers system for manage

Please add layers to manage 3d models on the different scenes.


Strongly Agree. Layers are very important. I work with rhino and put all my objects in layers and sublayers as well. So I would like D5 RENDER to recognize them exactly as they are in rhino’s layer hierarchy and then apply the materials by layer / sublayer
Does this feature exist in the current version of D5 RENDER or is it going to be in a future one?

We’ll add layer management for hiding/showing different objects on different scenes in future updates soon. Stay tuned~


Thank you for answering my question. I wish you a happy new year and the D5 to evolve as the best real time rendering software on the market


Glad to hear that! Our passion is in building products that people love and use while whether being the best is secondary :wink:


What is the situation of this functionality?

Hello, are you in the Discord server for D5 Pro? The 2.2 beta will begin this week, with the new feature Layers included. Please check the link I sent you in private message.