Large environment problem

Hi I was trying to make a large environment composition. I encountered this problem wherein the lighting seems not covering everything(check the attached image).
Thanks any help is appreciated.

Sorry, you meant this area?

Please tell us the model size, and it is from what modeling software, 3ds max or SU?
Any updates and details will be appreciated!


I already fixed it, thanks.
It’s from 3ds max, I think the problem is I used EXR for the normals, and D5 didn’t support it yet. So, I convert the exr normals to png. Thanks again @Oliver.J

Now need a way to distribute assets to large area. Like a distribution map. Hope we will have it in the future.

Ok, I will share this request to our team.

Will develop this function, thank you!

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Thanks a ton. This will greatly help a lot.