Laptop for D5

Hi guys, Is someone using D5 on laptop? how is it? and whats are the specs? thanks…

I need to create a second office of me /one home office-with workstation/ and second one in another town…thinking of buying laptop or use my actual laptop /Dell XPS 9550/ and monitor+eGPU…but the expense of eGPU is almost the same as new basic laptop with RTX 2060…
all ideas are welcome

Hi mate,
I have been using D5 render in my legion y40 from Lenovo. It has a RTX 2060 and it works fine. Of course, when the project is too big with too many polligon, it does not work as fast as I wish, but still runs very well!
About rendering time, it works perfectly, the longest I wait for, is approximately 3 minutes.
That is it.

Thanks mate, i Will háve look on in.

i would go for a razer blade

Very good option! Still more expansive, but it worth it depending on its hardware setup!

yeah. it is expensive. but you buy it now and forget about that for some 5 - 10 years.

Really nice! Good to know! Mighty be my next one!

Thanks alot… For now seems Like the Razer bladr is over my budged… But we Will see… I dont want to render everything on it… Just to be able to render on notebook… Ánd the main render work i Will do on my workstation