Kitchen House Farm


Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your amazing rendering work with us.
We’d like to add it in our official gallery with your permission.

Thank you very much

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yes, it will be a pleasure for me … I really believe in the software they are producing !! :clap::clap::clap:

Thank you very much!

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Hi great work bruv. Could you kindly share your workflow technique with us? Did you also do this with sketchup? If yes kindly share model. Cheers mate

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SketchUp2020 + D5 render + PS CC.

1 ° - camera setup
2 ° - lighting setup
3 ° - material setup
4 ° - rendering setup

I cannot share the SketchUp file, because it is a private project and my client did not authorize the sharing of his project, only the image.
thanks for the compliment and i am available to help.

ok thanks how about the fridge 3d model please? possible ?

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Hello! What is the configuration of the glass you used in the guardrail?

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