Is it possible? (multi gpu)

I have a particular hardware configuration.
Two Nvidia RTX2080Tis + 1 GTX1080Ti + 1 AMD Radeon Pro 580.
The display is connected to the AMD gpu to leave the Nvidia gpu vram completely free to work with Cuda compatible renderers
Unfortunately If I start D5 using the AMD gpu as main display output the D5 software doesn’t use any Nvidia gpu.
Don’t worry, this is a missing feature also for Twinmotion or UE.
Unity has this feature. In fact I can setup my Unity scene using my AMD gpu as main display output and baking the textures using the two Nvidia gpus.
Because I’m testing also Nvidia Omniverse I noticed that this program uses my AMD gpu to display realtime RTX render and it has also the possibility to use two RTX gpus.
I think this feature is doable also in D5.


Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. We know it will be of great use. But for now, it is not on our plan yet. We may support it in the future.