Interior test - VRAY comparision

I wanted to recreate my old scene from VRAY. In my opinion, it came out pretty close.
D5 render 1.7
NVIDIA Studio Driver 456.71

VRAY render for comparison:


It’s hard to tell if you did not pointed out. though light scattering on the curtain is more realistic with vray, I think D5 is much faster. How much time you spent on rendering each image?

Vary is better but the difference is not that big.
I couldn’t simulate something like two side material from vray in d5 render. So the curtains do not give such soft light.
On the other hand, the render time is incomparable.
VRAY - 1.5h on Ryzen 2700x - 2560 pixels wide
D5 render - Approximately 3 minutes at 6000 pixels wide

nice lighting. what setup did you use?

I’m attaching screenshots of the light and color settings in the scene.
HDRI is solid white. Custom LUT file.

very nice. thanks

I wanted to see if it is possible to make this type of rug without fur.

Rug made with geometry.

Ten gorny dywan Vrey dolny D5 ?

Oba D5. Górny render, dolny viewport.

Typ materiału dysplacement ? czy na normalmapie zrobione ?

tak jak napisałem - geometria