Inner peace

**Theme:inner peace
**Artist:Anas Shinati
**Graphics Card:rtx3060 12gb
**Workflow: sketchup - D5 1.9
**Brief description of post-processing: lightroom - photoshop
**Whether the model is original: the model is original
**Model source:original

**Description of the work: this is our recent exterior / interior design for a rest house in the woods by a lake. visualized in D5 1.9.


Wow Anas - chapeau!!! I like your style :smiley:


Excelente trabajo Anas!!, muy buenos acabados, cómo lograste el piso del ambiente estar ?, me gusta mucho !!

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its just a texture that i have , used the specular and normal maps to get that result

good material

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Great job, AnasArchViz :+1:t4:

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Thank you guys

Very beautiful

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Good job man, very detailed!

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Thank you :heart:

Thank you . Most of it is from the library