Indoor Botanical garden

Theme: Indoor Garden/ Palm house/ zen/ may 19th theme
Artist: Dacian Sölgén
Graphics Card: 3060
Workflow: Sketchup, D5 & Luminar AI
Brief description of post-processing:
Whether the model is original:
Model source:
Some objects in these images are taken from 3d warehouse and D5 Libary

Description of the work: Interior Garden with beautiful flowers and green grass that gives a relaxing feeling. in this image, you will see a May 19th version that represents a day that is celebrated. this year Ascension Day and May 19th day comes very close to each other. but May 19th celebration is different and only celebrated by a few people. if I’m

correct the tree in these images is Prunus serrulata Indoor garden

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Your indoor botanical garden setup sounds absolutely rad! I’m all about those chill vibes, and turning your space into a zen oasis is genius. Plus, props to you for incorporating the May 19th theme – it’s cool how you’re adding personal touches to your setup.
Speaking of which, I’m knee-deep in renovating my own garden right now. But seeing your post got me curious to learn more about your process and how you brought your vision to life.
If you’re down to share more about your workflow and inspiration, click here for more info. I’m always on the lookout for fresh ideas to spruce up my space, and I’m sure your work could offer some killer inspo.