Incomplete Mesh as a SU Result


I have tried to convert some max cars models to SU format files.
Almost all converted SU models have an incomplete mesh with holes with them.

Is there any adjustment, setting to be made or is it a D5 Converter bug?

Any solution?

Windows 10
3ds Max 2020
Vray 5, last version
Latest version of D5 Converter
Sketchup 2020 last version

just export them in to fbx format

Thank you,

My principal goal is to get a SU file with textures included in a max file model.

I will give a try to pass by fbx intermediate.
Not certain whether materials will be preserved.
And use skimp or transmutr to transfer the created fbx file in SU format.

The problem is the car models are many various elements and their texture that can be difficult to map in transmutr or even more SU itself.

Could it be the best way to obtain the SU model with textures/materials from the max firmat/model?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

D5 Converter purpose should be the precise conversion between the max and SU format.

In the settings, find mergeCoplanarFace and uncheck it, then the exported mesh will be complete.

Thank you.

Alas the same result as on the pictures.

And you can try to use Pro-Optimizer to reduce a little mesh and then export to SU format.

man. D5 converter is made for exporting to D5. not to skp. Also you should care about mesh complexity and topology. your car has a bad mesh. anyway if you really want to export it into D5 use fbx exporter. it can also keep your basic materials. if you need to export into skp then use other exporters optimised especially for skp, like transmutr or smthing like that