Improvements in the video inspector

there are several improvements that could be added to the video inspector.

  1. be able to make the clips window bigger (interface). when you have more than 4 clips you have to use the scrool and it becomes a bit uncomfortable to switch from one to another.
  2. when you have created several shots of a clip, you can’t drag them to change the order, you have to delete them and create them again, it would be great to be able to drag them and change the order.
  3. change the scenes in a gradual way, when you change the sky or turn off some layer, you turn off some light softly, it doesn’t make transition in the change of these, it would be nice to have some kind of control in it.

To make the big jump D5 needs a real keyframe editor.
All developers want to copy Lumion features because several years ago it was a good idea to save states instead of keyframes.
UE or Omniverse use the classic timeline and keyframes, or blueprints, to create animations.
It would be nice also to animate materials and every atmospheric or camera effects with proper keyframes.
Fixed states can’t be tweaked.
I need a granular control.