Import Models based on Heirarchy

Probably been mentioned numerous times but I was so ready to purchase Pro then found Blender importer not available for my version, then the biggest letdown is that FBX imports via D5 don’t break the model down by hierarchy only materials, Lumion, Twinmotion & Unreal 4 & 5 have that ability. I made the jump from Lumion because I couldn’t do anything with the finished scene i.e export to a client etc Twinmotion I’m stuck with exporting to Unreal 4 only, Unreal 5 is not supported yet…was hoping D5 would bridge those gaps but unfortunately no :frowning:

I mentioned this here

As wee need a exporting plugin equals Datasmith

Thank you both, I have shared this request with our product team :+1:

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This feature is already under development and we plan to support D5 Sketchup Convertor first.


Hello guys,

I’d like to ask whether there is any news regarding preserving Object Hierarchy with SKP imports. I donwloaded the latest version of D5 and the latest SKP convertor, but after running it in SKP, it seems like the hierarchy import options haven’t been implemented yet. Or is that I am missing something ? I’d like to buy PRO version once this is fixed as it’s crucial for any architectural workflow, I believe.

Many thanks in advance for your answer.

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I’m still waiting for the FBX for the CAD engineering models that I create. Even any of the following importers would be great: Parasolid, ACIS or STEP :grinning:

It gets a bit long-winded having to convert to a SKP file, then change colours on everything so that D5 can apply a material to the item

Me too…Still waiting for proper FBX support.

I already have D5 Pro, but still won’t use it because my workflow is from Revit LT. Converting Revit LT to a SketchUp or Rhino file and then using D5 is too disruptive to the workflow, particularly when designs have to be updated all the time. Lumion and Twinmotion both support Revit LT, therefore I will have to stay with these programs until D5 catches up.

Lumion yearly updates are very expensive compared to the D5 yearly subscription (approx $1600/yr vs $360/yr for D5), however, for me the Lumion cost is much cheaper than having to use FULL REVIT. It would cost me an additional $4000/yr to use FULL REVIT, therefore in my mind, it would cost me an additional $4000/yr to use D5.

Please…please…please…could you consider supporting more file formats like FBX or even DWG files rather than relying on Converter plug-ins?

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Hi Yah Oliver, have checked out 2.4 & love it but again unfortunately nothing for keeping the hierarchy of imported models unless working in Sketchup then importing back to D5…maybe one day :).

Yeah, mate, unfortunately, that feature may need more time to be done on our roadmap.

Thanks Oliver, unfortunately, I can’t use the Pro version for the reasons above which is such a shame so I’m back to Twinmotion and have removed D5 for now. I’ll keep on looking in past every now and then to see how things are going with D5. Regards

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