Import model with original pivot point


Want to import door model with pivot point from Lightwave, bought Modeler and Layout,
without success… maybe LightWave don’t have .fbx export good enough but …

Don’t know how to do work around eider …

Export .fbx from LightWave Layout:

Export .fbx from LightWave Modeler:

Import in D5Render is the same… pivot in the middle:

Maybe option to custom move pivot point in D5Render…!?

Sorry if that is already possible…
I’m new user :slight_smile:


Import in D5Render… with mirrored invisible door,
on witch I ad blank .png with Custom Alpha texture,
positioning it, and its good to go :slight_smile:

Please… custom pivot point in D5Render,
or local 0,0,0, import!?, kipping the original placement from software where is made…

Probably mentioned before, but… so annoying when you have to place “by hand” when you already place it in your modeler tool… by layer… 1. floor, 2. floor… etc.


Yes please same here for me :slight_smile:

Hi Antigravit. I thought your work-around with the door was extremely clever, but it is a pity that you needed to create such a workaround in the first place. I hope the D5 team realise how important it is to have a choice. Inserting a custom object using its own original 0,0,0 Origin Point (Rather than d5’s new ‘Base & Centre’ Origin Point) is so important for many different reasons. I hope D5 users will vote for my suggestion on the ‘Voice of Users’ to add a toggle switch to allow the insertion of objects using their original 0,0,0 points.


Hello, thanks for sharing the workaround, it helps a lot! Besides, we have the plan to change pivot point positions, and please wait for the development :grinning:

any solution for that ??

Hello, for now, you could try Antigravit’s workaround. We will have solutions in the future.