Import from (revit to 3dmax to sketchup to d5 )

when i import from revit - 3dmax - d5, i am loosing geometry, my only know how is to go from revit to 3dmax to sketchup to d5 gives the best result, at the least, all geometry retained

but i ran into a strange issue:

  1. post import, within d5, the model seems to be inside a black sphere??? in its own universe, as i zoom out, i see a hole within this dark environment, outside of this hole there is sunlight with the hdr, see attached
    anyone has this happened??? cant figure this out
    How do i fix this problem???

  1. is there a zoom extent shortcut/quick-key in d5??? max zoom out, to the limit of the content, in revit, its “zoom extent”

I tried to convert RVT to IFC model and opened it in sketchup. It worked well. But you should set all materials correctly.

Hey rchitecture,

We have received some feedbacks about this workflow, revit->3ds Max->D5, and we find the two issues about this.

  1. Lost some geometry from d5a exported from 3ds Max.
  2. There are some normal issue about imported mesh.

We are fixing the above two bugs, once all are fixed, I’ll get back to you. Stay tuned, thanks for your support.

Ps: You could send the exported .d5a to my mailbox:jingming.liu@d5techs, so that we could test more samples . Thanks.

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Use lumion plugin to export a collada file (.dae) from revit.
Then open in Blender and convert it to a .d5a file!
Or use simlab converter to export .skp from revit, but free trial is only 15 days and results are ot as good as the solution above.

The D5 Converter for Revit will be in beta release soon. It has been in testing. Please stay tuned.

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I would be Also ( And a lot of more people i think ) really interested to see a Converter For REVIT ( or Plugin ) , +1

working on it now