[idea] Proxies by Transmutr

I have a long time (15 years) using Sketchup for my 3D and archviz models. For rendering I use Thea render from the first version, I was also a V-ray tester for Sketchup.

Including complex models through proxies is very important.
For this I use Transmutr, a really useful and easy-to-use tool, a couple of clicks are enough to include any complex OBJ, FBX, SKP model.

Check it:

Right now it supports proxies for: Thea render, V-ray and Enscape.

They are great guys, and I think there is a chance for collaboration to support D5 proxies in the future. It would be great!

An example:
Transmutr App:

Proxie skp model:


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Nice one.
Good to see you here.


Thank you, me too George!

I’m interested in Skatter also Ivan, how could you use Skatter in sketchup and render it in D5?

Hi Huss!

the same way you now work with V-ray, Thea and Enscape:

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I mean exporting the geometry as Proxy for D5 and will D5 recognize it, I didn’t purchase it yet and I’m searching for the best plugin for scattering

Then you also have immediately the option to import (in the end a proxy) from Quixel Bridge. Two for one!


The idea is good.

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Has this been discussed further since 2021? A proxy system would be huge.


Integrating complex models using proxies is really important, especially in architectural visualization where complex details and large scenes are common. So be careful, because it’s easy to buy proxies, but the most important thing is that they are fully suitable for you. Thea Render and V-Ray are powerful rendering engines, and it’s interesting that you have experience with them. As the industry evolves, so do the tools and technologies, so it’s useful to keep up to date with the latest advances.