I want to replace dummy object to D5's human model (preset library)

If there are many people in the scene for example stadium, it is hard to set their position.
Therefore , I prepare dummy objects in Rhinoceros (or other 3d software ) beforehand,
and secondary I want to replace these dummy object to D5’s human model
(preset library /not outside resources).

But it I can not do such operation in D5 current version.
How Can I do such operations? ( or Where contents sould I read ? )

Maybe Twinmotion can replace dummy objects(fbx)
to human model (in own preset library)

Please add function.
It enable us to replace dummy obects(fbx) to D5 human model

Hi ogw087,

Thanks for the suggestion. The Rhino dummy objects cannot be recognized directly in D5, so we suggest you export them as d5a files first. What’s more, we can replace models with assets from the preset library in the coming version 1.9.0, so we don’t have to select outside resources any more.

Best regards,

Thank you for answer !
But I don’t know how can I export d5a file from Rhino6 or Rhino7
and I try to export d5a file from D5 render. but it is not also separated.

I cant catch work flow images what you indicate.
Please let me know how can I export d5a and replace them individually?

Hi ogw087,

Sorry that my mistyped words confused you. I mean we need to export .3dm file, and D5 Render can read it directly.

( we can not export .d5a file in Rhino yet)
Our Rhino plugin is under development, I will inform you if there a new round of beta test.