I need a function to import camera from other scene or other format

Q)How Can I import (export) only camera from other D5 Scene ?
Q)How Can I import (export) only camera from other format skp or fbx ?
Q)Is there the merge scene function? ( it can merge other D5 scene into current D5 scene )

this function is very important.
If D5 current version does not have this function, please add these functions.

[ situation ]
Clients wants to decide new (additional ) camera angles by themselves.
So I have to import additional cameras in current scnene.
nevertheless I have already done build D5 scene and finished render at once.

If D5 can import sketchup or fbx scene camera
maybe I can respond clients demand. But I did not know these method in D5

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Hi there, thank you for the suggestion, has forwarded to the product team!
Other users have also mentioned similar needs and expects to support in the near future.

thanks , Please.
Maybe my client don’t have D5…
But… If D5 will become to import sketchup (and other) software camera ,
client can set cameras they want. and we can share these image easily.

yes, its an important function.

merge vegetation / D5 asset, camera & clip animation from other file

maybe something similiar with merge function on lumion


thank you for the suggestion, and I also read it on featureupvote site( having been approved)