I encountered a problem. I copied the SKP file and its associated DRS file to other locations. Its relevance was interrupted and all light parameters became default values

I am a beginner of D5 renderer. I work with a lighting design company. My boss occasionally watched the animation rendered by D5 renderer on the Internet. He was shocked by the powerful function and excellent picture expression of D5 renderer. He decided to use D5 renderer instead of Enscape, So he asked our group to use their spare time to learn D5 renderer. In the process of learning, I encountered the problem indicated by the title.
I used the old project completed by the company as an experiment to test and learn the D5 renderer. My company’s project is saved on the company’s server. If you want to modify it, you will copy and save the file to your computer for modification. In the SKP file, I placed the position of the D5 light source, opened the D5 renderer from SketchUp, adjusted various light parameters in the D5 renderer, and saved it as a DRS file. At this time, if I turn off Su and D5 and reopen D5 from Su, the previously saved DRS file will be opened.But when I copy the SKP file and DRS file to the company server and pull the two files to another computer again. Their relevance is broken. When I open the D5 renderer from SketchUp again, it cannot read the DRS file pulled from the server to the new computer, but will reopen a new DRS file, and all the light parameters will return to the default values.Even if the previous DRS file is merged, delete the wrong version of the default light parameters. If you move the light position in SketchUp, the previously deleted wrong version will appear again.Is there any way to solve this problem?
My English is not good. This article was written after translation by translation software. If there are any grammatical errors or something you don’t understand, please forgive me. Finally, thank you for your reply.

Hello, when starting D5 from SU, you will see this pop-up:

Do not click OK, but click Select File, then you can associate the skp file to the drs file you created before.

This issue is identified and we will find a solution to fix it in the future. For now, it is not recommended to tag or group light objects of D5 in SketchUp, thanks.