I cannot open my project

My project stucking while opening at “%5”. It’s not giving any errors or something. I didn’t find any log reports anywhere. I’ll be very glad if someone help me to open my project file. Thank you.

Hi emirefek, please send your model and the scene file to our support email ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com
The scene file is the whole folder that contains the .drs file.
Besides, please share with me two folders that contain logs.

  1. On the D5 Render installation directory: Logs.
  2. C:\Users\your account\AppData\Local\d5_immerse\Saved
    If the 1.save file has no problem, we may help you repair the file.

Hi Emir,

It stuck at 5% because the number of models and meshes is big, but if you wait for about 3 minutes, it can open with no problem, please check this:

Please note:

  1. Put the file on a short path. If the file path of the scene is very long and contains many different characters, it may cause issues.
  2. Another known issue is that the .drs name cannot be in Turkish and some other languages, please rename it in English if the file is not. This issue cause is from UE engine, and we are working on fixing it.