How to use D5 redemption code?

Hi there,

You may have got a redemption code for D5 Pro from our official events or partnerships, and here is a guide on how to redeem the code.


  1. Go to the Redeem page of D5 Account Center and log in with your account (for which you want to redeem the code).

  2. Enter your redemption code, and then click on Redeem.

  3. Successful redemption, congratulations!

For different types of accounts

  1. If you are already a monthly/annual D5 Pro subscriber, the corresponding length of D5 Pro will be added to your current subscription directly, which means your next date of charge will be put off.
  2. If you are a community user, then your account will be upgraded to D5 Pro automatically, and it will not auto-renew after the trial expires.

Thank you for supporting and promoting D5 Render!
D5 team

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