How to Install D5 Asset Pack?

Hello all

Please make a video explaining the installation of the material file, because I installed and the material did not appear with me offline

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All materials are still online

same to me.
asset pack still online

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In that case, what does installing this 12gb file actually do? Nothing?

What are the assets that this is supposed to allow access to offline? Is it the Models?

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What this seems to do as far as I’m aware, is it downloads all the models (Cars, Man, Woman, Trees) in one go.

You don’t have to download them individually, but it will not allow you access them offline.

If that’s the case, then It’s not worth the hassle. Just download the model you need when you need it rather than downlaoding and unpacking 12gb’s of models, most of which you’ll never use.

Would I be correct in saying that if you go to your Models in the Asset menu, that you can now insert any model without needing to download it? Previosuly I had to wait about 15 seconds to download many of these models.

You still have to be online to this.

It won’t do anything to speed up the loading of the Model menu, but they should be instantaenously loadable into your scene.

The confusion mainly stems from the download being named ‘Assets’ rather than ‘Models’. Not sure where the idea that they would be available offline came from, although you’d assume they would be when they’re stored on your computer!

Technically assets are offline but you can’t use them without net connection… I know the team are just trying to protect the integrity between PRO and FREE users to prevent piracy… The advantage now, is you don’t need to download these assets since they’re already embedded to our local machine. I / we hope they can fix this and at the same time w/o sacrificing any other consequences like hacking/piracy.

To make the story short every time you use these assets d5 will monitor you if you are a pro/ free user. :slight_smile:

That’s fine. I think many of us weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into here!

It’s a lengthy proccess downloading, extracting and installing these for no real purpose.

If your internet is slow, there’s even less reason to download them, as it will take ages and you’re getting models you’ll likely never need, like 15 variations of a Palm Tree!

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if you installed these assets successfully you don’t need to worry about downloading it again it will appear on your screen even your net connection is slow. Its only a matter of security…

The only problem with these right now. If you are a pro user then you have no internet connection assets are useless… hehehe

any news about the library? nothing yet?

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Hi. disable your firewall. so you can log in and the asset library will be activate