How I can seperate edit and control parts in from blender exported .d5a file?

With Blender 2.82 I exported with the D5 Render Plugin for Blender a model
with different parts inside.

But when I´m loading the d5a file in d5 Render I´m not able to edit the separate parts in the
model ??

Any idea or solution ?

Hello, please apply different materials to the model before importing it into D5:
Blender - User Manual (

You mean this for later to apply different materials in D5 Render also or ?

My problem is that I can not control for example the position of each part in the model ?


the material apply is running…

But I´m not able to for example move separate parts in the model ??

Best regards,

Hello, in D5 the model is imported as an entity, so we cannot move its separate parts for now.