How D5 handle big scene?

Dear all!

Do you have any experience with big scenes?
For example golf clubs, parks or airports?

I would like to start with D5 Render but if this software wouldn’t be able to handle big scenes using RTX 2080 Ti than I would have to switch back to Lumion.

Any thoughts highly appreciated!

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I’ve used it in a 7000m project, health center, 6.5 GB work file, got some problems during work, the first file did not open and could not retrieve it, started working again but this time successfully


I find D5 Render is awesome for interiors.
Still weak for externals, especially large, projects.
Vegetation assets are limited, not easy to multiply, place.
As far as I notice for now It is not a piece of software to cope with bigger external layouts.

Hope the program will grow progressively in this direction as well.
If not, its usage will be quite limited.