Here comes the 「Forum Legend」!

Please make sure your forum email address is the same as your D5 Render account. Pro accounts will get a special status and profile picture.

Click here to see all the badges and how to get them.

We will customize unique badges and titles now and then. So stay active at the forum and get ready for the surprise!

About「Forum Legend」

Thank you for your contributions to the forum! Every small act of yours(visit/ read/ like/ reply) helps us build a better forum.

All the active users at the D5 Forum have the chance to win the「Forum Legend」badge.

How to get「Forum Legend」

Send a direct message to @D5bot, and he will review your account based on level of activity. If approved, you will be granted the badge. If not, he will offer you some advice on the account’s level of activity.

You can click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the forum, choose the last panel, and click on “Summary” to check your activity statistics.

How to wear?

All the D5 Render badges are shown on the right of your profile photo. You can hover over the badge to see the title and click it for further information.