HDRI skies like Twinmotion 2022

Hi team,
Can you please introduce more hdri like the ones TM 2022.1 has. Especially with evening/ sunset, cloudy/ overcast. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you, we will take it into consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

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In Twinmotion 2022.1, they are brilliant. I do agree.


such an amazing skies these are. I wish D5 gets these soon

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Did you test TM Flamingo?

Yes. TW is very close to Lumion. The Pathtracer comes from UE and is now integrated in TW.
You can see the new quality here.
This is TW 2022.1.
2022 does come on march or april next year.

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Just did a quick test (i have a license). It was a long time ago i installed or tested TM they have improved drasticly wauw! I think the battle will be between D5 & TM.

The path tracing is a great addition altough it will need much more optimizations untill the full release (speed,…).

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I think the battle will be between TM and Lumion.
TM does also have a lot of effects, that D5 does not have. But this is a matter of time. I do hope.
Do you have 2022.1 on you computer?

Yes i have a lifetime license update. I just did some testing today and i am totaly, totaly amazed. Blows lumion away in my opinion certainly with the path tracing and offcourse the quixel integration. Lumion is totaly missing the path/ray tracing train in my opinion by staying on their current engine. It restrics the software from making a huge leap and the yearly updates are disapointing in my opinion. Very curious what D5 will counter and how twinmotion will evolve the next year.


I am sure D5 does come closer and closer and will overtake :grin:


… big plus for TM is the integration in EPIC and the development power in house . I think we will see in the next years a lot of improvements and together with UNREAL 5 engine a really nice dream team. But for me D5 is best for interior renderings, with great assets, ease of use and nice community :wink:


in most points they already have)

Yes. Very very pleased with D.

I just wish some improvements could take place with the hdri background. We need to be able to move it somehow to make it look correct with the scene. I have tried putting my model in all different locations and it looks the same.

Also. Maybe adjusting the overall scale would help.

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Hey guys, I switched from TM to D5 in June 2021. Used it from Abvent , autumn 2016 whe they started to use UE. I wanted TM to become the best. But stability and issues are so huge that I can’t use it anymore. That’s why I switched to D5. Never regret. d 5 is just great. Hope for the best and looking for better future :grin:


as far as I know, there does not exist a lifetime update for TM. The perpetual is only for the version you have. For instance 2021. This is, what a reseller told to me.
For release 2022, you have to pay the update prize. Aprox. 50%.
Perpetual is a wrong word for this.

Thanks for the info Flamingo i did a quick check and you are correct. I have license with upgrades until the end of this year as a early updater. I thought it was a lifetime update sadly it is not :p. If i want a license in '22 i will have to renew.

But I hope we can keep TM 22.1 preview with us for lifetime incase somebody doesn’t want to renew/ pay next year for the new TM version

I mean 250€ for an upgrade is okay.
The connection with UE is interesting. The vegetation is not very good in TM.
Good looking vegetation is so important.

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