Hdri settings

I am new to using HDRI to light up a scene. When setting an exterior scene are you suppose to use the hdri with some sun/ a lot of sun to get the best look?

I bought some hdris from hdri-skies.com

Hi, there is no perfect settings and it really depends on a scene.

In HDRI map sun is locked in one position and sometimes it is not good for scene’s lighting composition. Normally sun should follow hdri (there is such option), but you can slightly change this setting to achieve better result. The best is to check it manually and see. D5 is great in this matter. I used to work a lot with vray, there was a lot of guess work (in newer versions vray introduced interactive render what helped but for large scenes it does not work so well), that is why first renders were usually made with override material (clay mode in D5) to see if the lighting is ok. In D5 you have instant effect with all materials and reflections so just use it:)

Btw., I think it is not right forum section:)

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