Having trouble importing .fbx files

I tried importing .fbx files from two websites – Poliigon and 3DSky. When I download the files, I can see that they have a .fbx extension but when I try to import from D5, it doesn’t see those files in the folder.

Any advice? Do the .fbx files have to be made by only certain programs or in a specific way? My model was imported from Revit.

It can be, that the FBX export is not made with normals. The export on 3dsky is mostly made with Max.
The Max export, is in 90% the worst export on the market. This is my true experience.
Nothing is textured, 80% without quads and splines are comletely missing. Wow!
The max users, do not care about it. They just press the button without checking settings.
So the import to D5 does not work very good.
From C4D I export with normals and triangulated. The import works fine for D5.
Only the textures and materials are missing. But this is another old story.

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Thank you for this information. This is good to know. I believe all of the .fbx files I have been trying to import are in fact made with Max. I did not know that an .fbx file will differ depending upon program.

Hello, what version of Revit do you use? I recommend you use D5 Converter-Revit if possible.
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I use Revit 2022. And I use the converter. So far I can only import .fbx models made by C4d.

Hello, I agree with Flamingo, and your fbx files imported into D5 Render will not bring materials because it is not supported yet. But if you use Revit 2022 and the converter, I think exporting the models in .d5a format, or syncing them into D5 Render directly should be more convenient?

I want to make my first project in d5, use the Fbx export in Vectorworks, when I import it, It’s just plain white,No textures.

Hello igmar, for now, we do not support importing fbx files with textures, and we need D5 converters to do that. This is why we plan to create D5 Converter-Vectorworks.