GTX vs RTX rendering any differences?

Hi guys,

I’d like to know if besides the 10x speed improvement, rendering with a gtx series 10 (1060 or higher) will also suffer from other rendering drawbacks, like artifacts, weird shadows, wrong calculation of the GI solution etc. Or is the rendering algorithm/method the same for both, only slower on non-RTX cards?
And one last question, will D5 always keep “backwards compatibility” with the GTX series 10 cards or will it at some point become RTX-only?



Hi there!
Compared Rtx with Gtx, the Rtx only have a speed improvements,but the rendering algorithm is same.We’ll still support GTX 10 series. RTX -Only depends on the time the newer DXR API can’t run on GTX 10 series,but it seemed a very long time.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. That’s good news! :smiley: It’ll give some of us time to save some bucks for a more current video card.

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Will not support GTX16 series?

Hi! D5 support GTX16 series but except 1650.

Mine is a GTX 1650 4gb for laptops… There is any way to work? Or to fix it?


test between GTX1070 and RTX2070super

System specs:
CPU: Ryuzen 9 3900x
GPU:RTX 2070 super
motherboard: X570 Taichi
RAM: CMK32GX4M2B3500C16

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Excellent! Thanks for the test :smiley: