Group & selection

Single geometries within a group cannot be selected individually in the viewport. The entire group is then active.
A change would be good.

Thanks! By the way, what modeling software do you use? We are planning to develop the feature to sync group structure for some plugins. Or you mean the operation mode in D5 Render needs changes?

this change should be made within D5.
D5 should work on its own, without synchronizing.
I’m modeling with Cinema4D and can’t say anything about, how the synchronization will work in the future.
I am currently using FBX for export. Here I would finally wish that the materials would also be exported.
Texturing complex scenes twice is annoying, and FBX is standard in all 3D applications.

With a double click, I can activate a model inside a group.
I have always made one click.
Problem solved!

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