Group filter

starded a large project, need to group many thing, lights, etc, i gave up, almost impossible to find my group without scrolling, scrolling, scrolling,scrolling, also, why is the toolbars not resizable, as it is it’s unworkable on large project, a bedroom , may be, a large and detailled project, no way, how is it difficult to make a filter ?

Hi danygasnier1

Have you ever tried to work with Subgroup
based on your example light.

Main group “light”
and all lights, each in the subgroup

Subgroup “Light room 1”
-pointlight, spotlight etc.

Subgroup “Light room 2”

  • pointlight, spotlight etc.

The same goes with furniture
Main group “furniture”
and all furniture, each in the subgroup

Subgroup “Furniture room 1”
-sofa, bed etc.

Subgroup “furniture room 2”
-sofa, bed etc.

This way you can find the individual objects in the main group
and you don’t have to scroll as much.

I mean, therefore, a filter shouldn’t be necessary

thanks for the tips, i didnt tried drag and drop to create subgroup, d5 should make small tutorial on group and subgroup, still, i think a filter on group is not a big challenge for d5 to make