Green Bathroom // Video

Theme: Bathroom
Artist: Diego Moreno
Graphics Card: RTX 3070
Workflow: 3dsmax 2022, D5 Render 2.0 PRO and After Effects
Brief description of post-processing:
Whether the model is original:
Model source:

Description of the work: A few shots of the green bathroom and testing the D5 Render quality in renders. It’s 2K video and there is some “flickering problems” in some spots like darker areas (wood furniture), some reflexion/refraction zones (flowers vase and soap vase) and I’, really missing the AO pass that you have in static render. In the video some objects are like “floating”.

But, despite this details, the renders time for each shot in 2K are really amazing. About 5 minutes per 10 seconds. And the quality of some materials al the illumination are fantastic.
Great job tech D5 team.


HOWEVER YOU ARE GREAT :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Thanks! I’m already working in a new personal project. :slight_smile:

Wow! Amazing video! As you said, there are some details but overall, the selection of materials and color are super pro!!! Congratulations!

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greenness works well in there :star_struck:

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