Grass Improvements

Hi Dev Team,

I know you are working on some sort of optimized grass material that I saw in the roadmap, if it is possible to add some sort of a tiny small feature to have nice mowed and manicured grass maybe? or even an asset of cut and mowed grass to use instead of having to scale down the current grass assets to give it that look which would cause to a lot of drop in the fps rate and performance,

Thank you in advance,

Hi Karen, we will add a parameter “Trim” for grass assets in the 2.3 version. It will help you achieve the effect of mowed grass. Please stay tuned with us :partying_face:.

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OMG PERFECT! Thank you so much. I cant wait for this update! That is really huge!

Great! With improved grass and weathering shaders I’ll make a definitive move to D5.