Grass, carpet and fur effect

Hi! Is there a way to make gress, carpet and fur look more realistic? Like adding hight, and maybe movement? I know that Twinmotion has this possibility, but im not seeing it in D5?

If not, are you going to include this feature later?

  • Bovisjon

Got the same issue. realism goes away with unrealistic grass. landscaping needs to improve.

I miss carpet and fur too.
but please make the color changeable,
Even the grass, in nature, has different hues

It’s on roadmap and still under development.

Thank you

(without fur)

(without fur)

(with fur)

(with fur)

Hi there, nice work. How did you do the fur on the carpet? (I imagine from SketchUp and then exported as geometry)

Hi there. So I have added one link below which will redirect you to the carpet model…but that’s a very heavy file (400 mb) so once it is opened and you have added to the scene just hide that carpet model or you will not be able to work. Once you are done and ready to render the scene then only unhide it.