Graphics Card Support Issues

Hello! d5!
Earlier, I received an answer from you that it will work on the m4000 card soon. When is it possible?

Within a month, stay tuned :smiley:

Would Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB be supported? This is quite popular graphic card.

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Hi d5!
I’ve been waiting patiently for a long time, but in the end I think I should continue to use vray.
You asked me to wait for one month to use the d5 with the m4000 graphics card, but it still doesn’t work. I’ve tried a number of things, including updating the driver, but in the end it won’t. And I noticed that you guys don’t intend to solve this problem. It is very unfortunate. I wish you success anyway.

Hi Kimble,

On behalf of D5, I apologize for not meeting the roll out as planned to support m4000. During the past two months, quite some enthusiasm and efforts were put into developing a ray tracing pipeline in parallel which is based on Optix rather than DXR to achive that. A working protoype was successfully made about one month ago.

However, as the engine new features and optimizations requires a lot of modifications on the pipeline, we soon found out it will be a very heavy burden for engeering team to maintain two pipelines in the same time. We were in a dilemma for some time until a decision was made to focus on the main engine first, and postpone the compatability development. Thanks a lot for your blessings and it was our fault to not making announcements promptly for the changes.

CEO of D5

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Hola D5R:

Creo que debeis considerar que el mercado de adquisidores de tarjetas Radeon esta en aumento, para que el programa pueda ser compatible con estas tarjetas graficas. Desde inicios de año tambien estoy ansioso, como muchos otros consumidores de Radeon, por probar D5 Render sin complicaciones.
Esperamos atentos los nuevos lanzamientos y/o actualizaciones para que pueda aumentar esta compatibilidad gráfica.