Glass reflection & shadow problem

Glass reflection? :pensive:
Before everything, thank you for this work. The program is more than wonderful. I am one of the first fans, users and followers constantly, but we must focus on the most important matters.
The most important points for producing realistic work that were not included in the official version? I do not know what problems the developers face on this point, but from my opinion it was supposed to pay attention to the important and basic things and then the secondary things, the basic ones such as the reflection of glass, the fur, the modification of the raw materials, instead of caring for the library of people, trees and cars because it can be imported from outside the program and gradually come The user can wait for it through continuous development, but the priorities cannot be waited because it is they give the work and the program a strong performance


Totally agree with you.
The engine seem a bit faster though everything else still the same.
I suppose we have to be patient.


Hi gelbuilding,
Yes, I agree, but it was better to keep the beta version until the points that we mentioned are finished because they are the basics of the program and the program was designed for it, I have to use external programs such as Photoshop to modify these errors as reflections
Yes, we will be patient for sure, I love the program and I loved working on it, and I will remain supporter of it, because it deserves :heart: but the problem is not new. It is from the first beta that’s why I talked about it

Hi Aymen,
The cost of the pro version was minimal though i dont see any advances in the software.
For the money we got a few models, lol
And we cannot even change anything on the model, like e.g. the colour.
Everyone has been making very good suggestion though it seems to be falling on deaf ears.
Also they need to get the libary working locally on our computers for speed and for us to be able to share materials with all the users. or make a repositry so we can upload to.

The brush for material is not vey intuative. i.e. i cannot get it to work for the grass.


I just tried to instance the grass and look what happened.
I dont get the dome for the brush, only a white box and look at geometry of the ground plane you can see the uv boxes.
Very strange