Glass mesh - single or double faced?

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There should be a “questions” section, which is basically what I’m posting here.

I’d like to know if glass meshes should be single faced or have thickness. Other realtime renderers require windows’ glass mesh to be single-faced and then you can apply the glass material in the inversed normal side of the glass as well.

How does glass work better in D5 render?


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It would be better to have thickness on glass mesh like what they are in real world.
“Questions” section sounds really good! We’ll release it soon:D

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Interesting question!

So in a real world simulation you have two glass panels inside the window profile.

In D5 for most realistic effect do you need to draw the two glass panels or only one with thickness?


Hi Blend,

In the real world, glass has both single and double layers. Double glass can simulate a more realistic reflection effect. But the key is that the glass must have a certain thickness.