Geometry rotated 90 deg with new sync method

hello, I have a problem with syncing max scenes via new (recommended) method - they end up rotated 90dg

When I sync via old (compatible) method everything is placed correctly.

Is there a solution or workaround for this?

Hi, were the max scenes once synced into D5 through old versions of D5 Converter for 3ds Max?
Also, you use the top view to find that it rotates by 90°?

Normally, if it is a new scene, new method would let it rotate 90° because D5 uses a different coordinate system from 3ds Max, so the top view’s direction is not consistent.

But it is weird that old method works correctly, because normally it will rotate 180° for new scenes. Can you send us a sample .max file? Please send it to Help Center (

hello Oliver, thank you for your quick replay. I’m sending the files to Help center.


here are some screenshots (compared to sup sync):

Hi edu, did you check the reply from Help Center?

This problem may need us to fix in the updates of 3ds Max plugin, sorry for that. It is a limitation because of different WCS, but we may try to solve this.

Yes, thank you Oliver. I dont mind being it rotated per se, as long as it’s consistent along all plugins (sup, max , blender). It is not very convenient to rotate everything from max (I commonly use scenes partially made in sup and partially in max placed in the same coordinates), so I’m glad to hear the issue will be fixed in the future.

thank you for your help


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