Geographic Location [SKP]

Hi guys!! @Oliver.J
Right now, I need to make a shadows analisys, the geolocation is ready on SKP, but on D5 the north is opposite, I entered the data manually, but it does not look like the original. (It would be very helpful to have a compass in the plan view.)

Any advice? as long as D5 can import the geolocation data



Hello, I think it is because D5 and UE4 use a left-handed coordinate system, while SketchUp uses a right-handed one. If you adjust North Offset to 0, you can see that D5’s direction is 180° opposite to SketchUp. We are considering to add a compass feature as you mentioned, please stay tuned.

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By the way, have you tried rotating the axes in SketchUp?

Great news! This is very basic, anda very usefull. Thaks guys!