FUR rendering

The possibility to render FUR would be great. :muscle:

Cinema 4D Hair model (Fur similar) yes. :smiley:

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Indeed very important :slight_smile:

are there any news on this? Is the FUR feature perhaps coming with the next release? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, mate,

The fur feature is still under development, we will try our best to add it.

Regarding saving the brush history, it will probably have in the 2.5 pro. Thank you for your patience.


Hi! Thanks so much! Are there some news about the date of release of then new D5 render version? :smiley:

Probably released in July or later. It still has sth to optimize and test.

Thanks so much Bruce! Are there some news about fur in the 2.5 version?

Any Update?

Have not yet, we are still looking into it, thanks for the feedback.