From Cinema 4D export

I can´t probe at the moment your new render, but I´m thinkin of adquiring a “NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super”, but I need to know before:

  • I normally work with Cinema 4D, its possible to export model in FBX to your renderer?.. and if its yes, its possible to actualice this FBX model?, I mean, if I have changes in a proyect, I can re-export from C4D my model keeping all textures and lightning apllied in D5?.. something like Re-import in Lumion…

Thanks in advance, this seems to be a really nice render, I hope I can probe it…

Hey James,

Thanks for your love. I think you can buy RTX card without any hesitation.

Currently, D5 Render has support the importing of FBX file, and then it will be enhanced soon.

In the future, we have planned to release the D5 Converter for C4D that would help C4D users to bring more information from source file such as materials and cameras.

Stay tuned!

Ok thanks so much my friend I will buy the graphics card then…

I’ve been playing around on the test model, but unfortunately I can’t try my models from c4d.
Any chance to know when it would be possible to use it with c4d?
It’s really a game changer and I can’t wait to use it!

I work at Cinema4D.
I use two roads to D5:

  1. I export in FBX and then I remap the materials in D5
  2. Export in Collada for Sketchup. I open the SKp file in D5

Yes, it would be nice to export directly from Cinema4d. They said that with the 1.6 the FBX files will have associated textures (now no, just geometry).

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when we planned to release the D5 Converter for C4D ?

Yes, I waiting this C4D converter too, would be awesome to got it, thanks in advance…

Next month, we’ll release the internal test version, and welcom to join the testing if you have intrest in this.

Stay tuned, thanks.

I’m ready.

Wow, nice, I will really probe it, thanks so much…

yes, I am ready for testing…

Ich würde den Converter auch gerne Testen.

Hi, when release converter for C4D?

Hey boys… When do you espect you will release the Cinema 4D plugin?.. We are waiting for it months ago… Thanks in advance…


hi, any news for the cinema 4d plugin ?
you’ve said it would be release for internal tests in july '20

Hi kana, as I mentioned in last topic, the development team are rewriting the plugin. we will provide you with detailed release notes and a scheduled date when it is ready. Thank you for your patience!

Hi, thank you, home it won’t be too far !

hope it won’t be too far :wink:

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Haha, maybe the end of this month or the start of next month, a more stable and with new UI/UX version.