Free Aquarium Model Optimized for D5 Render with Animated Fish Videos

Hello D5 Render Community,

I am happy to share a model I have crafted for all the enthusiasts here. It’s an aquarium model optimized for D5 Render, which I created using SketchUp. The model features video textures on three sides showcasing moving fish, bringing a slice of aquatic life into your renders.
However, the video texture I have incorporated is quite short and not stabilized. I invite everyone to replace it with a better, more stabilized video texture to enhance the realism and appeal of the model. It’s a little contribution from my side to this amazing community, and I hope it aids in your creative projects.

Downloading the model is straightforward, and tweaking the video texture is a breeze. Feel free to modify it to suit your designs or projects better.

I am eager to see the incredible scenes you will create using this model. Your feedback and modifications are highly appreciated, as they help me improve and provide better assets in the future.

Enjoy rendering!

Download link: