Frame number export IN and OUT

Hi D5 team.

It would be very usefull we could export not the entire video but choose a frame number IN and OUT.

D5 has became much more stable along the releases, but sometimes when I’m on the edge of my computer and program ability (mostly on large scale projects) it still crashes while rendering.

(I7 6700K, RTX3070 ti, 64 Go RAM. Not the best but not bad. file project is almost 8Go).

So we could keep what has already been rendered and not start rendering the whole movie again.

also a shortcut to move item to a folder or to a layer instead of a painfull drag and drop (with some project the list is long…) would be great, like in blender (M shortcut).

2 small things but importants…

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions, they are very useful :wink: By the way, when the crash problem happened, was there any error message? Also, what is the output resolution?

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It usually renders at night and when I come back D5 is just closed with nothing left (no message, nothing, I tried 4/5 times and let it go). Output is 4K.
I never experimented crash in 2K render since the last releases, at least.
It seems me the use of upscalling and denoising technology makes the render a bit blurry and unprecise in 2K, like washed out, a sort of “pixel soup” (sorry for this one).
That’s why when I can (time) I prefer rendering in 4K, it’s way cleaner (not just a better resolution).
This project is very big (port with dozens of high poly boat, people walking in every corner, large google earth imported context, sea and water every where etc…), which doesn’t help. Unfortunatelly cannot send you (pro secret), maybe later on.

It manages to render like 30 or 50 frames and then crashed, which surprised me a little because usually in the past when D5 managed to pass the “loading phase” (before you got a % advancement) it almost never crashed then.
This render pushes the computer high (95% ram and graphic card), might be a hardware issue too maybe.

Also the scene as 0 effect (no rain, wind, fog, not even cloud). What could be hidden as been to optimize. Some people path walk but not much and far.
I think a big weight is on the boat assets I imported in D5 (from 10 to 80mo each), I duplicate them from the view port but if D5 doesn’t use instance technology like blender it might get heavy? I’ll optimize this point and will get back to you.

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Hi, thanks for the updates. I think the most important thing is that it the RAM usage reached 95%, normally this means it has already used all the RAM.
Therefore, I would suggest you do some things to upgrade RAM, like increasing the virtual memory setting, closing other software, or upgrading RAM to 128GB directly.

By the way, did you use Render queue? If yes. try rendering the photos/videos one by one, it may help.

Please let me know whether the above suggestions can work, we will follow up here.


Well,virtual memory was at 200 Go and no other program running, it leaves me with upgrading RAM or/and optimize model.
I used render queue, in fact since you just told me I remember D5 could be more stable using direct render and not queued one. I’ll try this before going for the options above which are time or money consuming.
Thanks Oliver and keep in touch.

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I’ve optimized the model and tried to render directly (not queued), same issue and crash at 50 frames +/-.

I brought the model to another computer less powerfull (RTX2070) on which I have a clean new install of D5 2.2.1, and it works just fine and way faster.

So my guess is it wasn’t an optimized model problem (although it helps), could be:

1# I’ve worked on this model since D5 2.1 that I updated gradually (not clean new install) to 2.2 and 2.2.1 (problem was the same on 2.2).
2# I have located my user library in another drive from the system/application drive (SSD too tough), could it gives some issues?
3# hardware issue since my RTX3070 is new and supply power might be on the edge or another compatibilty problem.

I’ll look on issues 1 and 3, could you give me an answer to 2#. Thanks Oliver.

Hi, I think issue 2 will not affect the rendering process, so we do not need to worry about it.
Regarding issue 3, I am curious how large is the supply power?

Besides, you can send me two logs folders for further troubleshooting.

  1. A folder called logs, in the installation directory of D5 2.2
  2. A folder called Saved, in C:/Users/your account/AppData/local/d5_immerse

supply power is 550w although asus says 650w for this graphic card.

On the link below the “saved” folder

Hi, thanks for the updates. I think 550w may be not enough to run RTX3070, especially when software like D5 Render uses the GPU at 100%.