Fog distance

it would be good to have settings for the fog distance and fog colour.
I need lower or higher values for A B and C. The real fog is 100% white.
At the moment (2.0) I can not handle the fog.
Thank you.

Hello, the rendering team told me we have an automatic calculation for the fog distance.
It is like this: fog in a short distance will be thin; fog in a long distance will be dense.

In the photo you posted, fog from A, B and C have the same density and color, because your camera position is too close to them… If you put your camera far away from them, you will see the difference :grinning:

Hello Oliver,
thanks for your feedback.
Fog shouldn’t be automatic as I can’t influence the fog. The fog should have settings for color, density and proximity to the horizon.

I agree on this one. If i remember in the older build those parameters were adjustable. I think they changed it because it makes it more ‘easy’ (read accessible). Altough i also prefer manual control to give more creativity.

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