Flicker reduction in d5 as it is there in lumion

Please we need the feature of flicker reduction in d5 render as it is there in lumion
“Reflection” option for DEFAULT imported materials

Thanks for your advice!
Could you please tell me why you need this feature? Or what effect do you want to achieve please?
Could you show me some examples?

Hi there. for me it’s really important and time saving so that we don’t need to re-model/re-material on the 3D applications such as SketchUp etc. Here’s the example.

Your problem was not from D5, but from the 3d model. You have the faces with two different materials too wins between them. You need to give more space between the polygons.

I get it, but it’s exactly this thread’s reason. In Lumion we have the flicker reduction option where we don’t need to change the 3D model and re-import/re-sync which save so much time. In the end this is only an advice to add in the future updates.

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Please go through with this video once how much does the flicker reduction helps

It’s a feature in lumion we need the same to be implemented in d5 render too

There should be a feature to reduce flickering if 2 polygon faces overlap on each other

It happens with many people while doing the 3d models they sometimes missout to check that few faces gets overlapped on eachother

Adding another comment to bump this to the dev team again. It’s really helpful in Lumion, and a consistent issue with D5 upgrades -