First try D5

D5 Render Version: 1.9.0 PRO
Graphics Card:RTX Quadro 4000
Workflow: Archicad + 1.9.0

First try renders - 6 houses. Workflow ArchiCad + D5 1.9.0 PRO. But I am not satisfy with that, there is still lot of work. Also I have problem with performance of my PC. AMD Ryzen 5 - 3,2 GHz 6core. 16gb RAM, RTX Quadro 4000 8Gb. On low quality preview is realy slow and laggy especialy when I work with 3D grass, thats imposible (small size, full flow big area). What should I do? Need more RAM?

Hi Michal, you mean even in low-quality preview mode it is very slow? If so, you cannot use medium/high quality mode, right? I am sorry for the inconvenience, could you tell me the version of your video driver? please try updating it first. Besides, how big is the scene file?


vitaj na fore

Hi Oliver!

Thank you for your answer. I found where was the problem. Too much of 3D grass and not enough RAM. Got 16Gb need bigger. Anyway driver - 457.09 newer is unstavble. Size of model was in that time 1,5Gb. Also I am realy happy to be owner of this great tool! Great Job D5 team! Thank you.

Ahoj, ďakujem :slight_smile: