File not opening problem

I saved the project I was working on (photo-1). The next day I double-clicked the file to open it. The d5render tab is opened on my screen (photo-2). Then I opened my file by clicking the open button on the left tab (photo-3). And I got an error(photo-4)… My file was not opening… Will all my work be in vain? Please help me. It was a very important work for me.

Hello, first please make a copy of this file(the whole folder) for backups.

  1. Have you renamed the file manually? If yes, please change it back to its original name manually.
  2. Besides, please find this file on the Welcome page of D5, then rename the file, using only English, no Turkish or special characters.
  3. From the error message, you do not have admin permission for this file, please move the file to a short path(for example, the desktop), then right-click it, and open it as administrator.


Hello oliver, after I sent you this e-mail, I wrote an article about this problem on the forum page. There was someone else who had this problem and contacted you. I read those correspondences and the solution was there. So my problem was solved before you e-mailed me. But still thank you you replied me very quickly. Thank you, nice work.

Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <>, 1 Eki 2021 Cum, 07:42 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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Hello, could you tell me which forum page has the solution? Thanks !

Hello,good work how r u?I saved the file without using Turkish characters. But the file still does not open. And I get the error as below

Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <>, 8 Eki 2021 Cum, 14:21 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Hello, as the error message said, its location is system directory.

  1. please try moving the file to another folder, do not put it on C:/
    Also, make sure the file path is in English as well.

  2. Please try running D5 as admin, or make sure you have Write permission on the folder where you save the file.