Feeding Camera Tracking Data from After Effects

A nice feature to D5 would be to feed custom camera tracking data from adobe after effects so that the camera paths could be fed from a real life drone footage then to render the model with same camera path then to integrate both drone footage and rendered video from D5 to create a drone-virtual fusion!.
This is already possible in 3ds max and would be nice to have in D5 as well!

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Thank you for the suggestion.
We’ll add to the roadmap!

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thank you!

exporting the video from D5 along with an alpha mask would also be needed in order to isolate the required building or object without any backgrounds for the drone fusion workflow!
This would be a revolutionary feature as this can only be done with 3ds max and not everyone knows how to handle the workflow using 3ds max. if introduced, exterior rendering with modeling all surroundings could be completely eliminated and a big amount of our time could be saved while offering more realistic outputs to clients!

Thanks again!

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